Your complacency thermostat is likely to be the reason why you peak and trough.

We have a natural thermostat inside us that makes us want to work really hard or sometimes get complacent. When we need business and we put all the effort in and the thermostat kicks in.

But then we hit a kind of a plateau again, we are busy, we feel warm and comfortable, and then we kind of stop working again.

The impact is, that over time, the peaks and troughs turn in to a downward trend in terms of client retention.

The trick then is to make sure you have your thermostat on a constant heat.

So you keep up the momentum,

You keep on moving forward and you keep on winning clients and it’s a habit.

So, all the way through consistent effort, all the way through over time, and that means you just keep on winning.

It’s because every day, no matter whether or not you’re feeling cold or hot, you keep on putting the effort in to win the clients.

If this resonates with you, in terms of that up and down cycle, you have then maybe you should come on my Habit Success System Habit Builder.

Find, convert, keep clients like a habit.

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