Who Moved My Cheese? It’s the book that sums up 2020!

SPOILER ALERT FOR POST AND VIDEO… Here’s a quick summary (Slightly adapted)…

4 characters called Arcadia, Haw, Sniffy and Gymshark. They are all looking for cheese, in a maze.

They searched around, finally, Arcadia and Haw find the cheese! Very happy and they get a little bit complacent.

Sniffy and Gymshark carry on looking. Arcadia and Haw stay there, eating cheese. One morning they wake up and they realize somebody has moved THEIR cheese!!!

Sniffy and Gymshark didn’t get complacent and carried on looking for cheese.

And Haw…? Eventually got a little bit fed up waiting for Arcadia. Haw went and found Sniffy and Gymshark and together they found cheese.

As for Arcadia? Read the Book…

And that’s what it was about in 2020

> You can always find new 🧀. So start looking.
👉Thinking too much about your 🧀 will paralyze you and not let you see your horizons.
> Nothing lasts forever.

Spencer Johnson asks “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

If you haven’t found your cheese, or are still sat on your cheese, start innovating. Go and find some new cheese.

2020. Was about Innovation and resilience.

2021? Optimistic Realism.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Th4zCYchsE

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