Ever found yourself at your desk, it is already 1030, and you have achieved nothing?  It might be time to invest in a morning routine to focus your mind on what really matters.

Time is one of your most scarce resources as a business person / owner so using it wisely is crucial.

To set yourself up, your morning routine can set you up for massive success the whole day. You can chose to hit snooze, surf social media, or you can set yourself up for productivity from the moment your alarm goes off and your feet hit the floor.

Firstly, put that alarm clock out of reach.  Somewhere where you physically have to get up to turn it off.  There, you are already up!

Secondly, drink some water.  It flushes the system, and gets the body in a good state.

Then, it’s up to you in what order you do it but Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning acronym is a great place to start:

S ilence.  A period of meditation to help the mind deal with distractions and those inner voices.  The “Calm” app is a great place to start if you are new to meditation.

A ffirmation.  Write some things down, learn to like yourself, and believe in yourself.  Repeat this back to yourself, every morning for a few weeks.  Express them like you mean it!

V isualistion.  Imagine yourself in a successful environment.  Seeing your balance sheet in profit, getting the promotion.

E xercise.  Just do something that works for you.  But get the blood pumping and the heart beating.

R eading.  There are numerous books out there to help underpin your knowledge and development.

S cribing.  Many successful business people advocate the benefits of journaling.  Express gratitude for good things that have happened.  And write down no more than 3 priority things that have to be done today to create the success you want.

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