Even though people are at home, it doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the future. Here’s some simple ways to help others, or ask others to do that will put you in a great position to carry on selling, whilst not directly contacting your prospects.  Just remember though, people are busy, and have a lot of anxiety.  Be careful not to do anything that will add to their workload.  Tread carefully!

Build up your own profile.

Once the market starts to turn, you want to be seen to be the person or business that is reliable, trustworthy, and worth considering.  So get your profile ready for scrutiny, and also help others with their own profiles.  Before suddenly emailing everyone, be careful not to burden people with a task to do that they could do without.  Perhaps do this in few weeks?

1. Ask customers to submit an excellent comment on one of your review sites.  (please note it looks like Google reviews are not being updated at the moment on GoogleMyBusiness).  Not sure when that will get fixed, or, if reviews submitted will be retrospectively corrected.

2. Get a glowing testimonial. Not one that is full of fluffy superlatives. You could do with specific examples of how your company helped the client.

3. Ask for a video testimonial. When we all go back to normal, simple strategic things done now will pave your way to success.  Video is proven to be far more effective.

4. Get a LinkedIn recommendation.  You can invite people to do this via your LinkedIn platform.  Again, don’t attack everyone at once, just take it a day at a time.  And when you are messaging or interacting with people, seek out a recommendation.

Three steps that will focus on YOU.

1. Write out a defining purpose for the next however many months. “By the time this lock-down has finished, I will have (fill in your thoughts). This will mean (fill in your thoughts).

2. Set out the day with three main objectives to achieve. These should be linked to your short term vision. Set an alarm twice in the day to remind yourself to look back at your three priority issues for the day. How is progress going, have you been distracted?

3. Learn. Whether it be a podcast, a LinkedIn Live session or a group Zoom Call, use this time to productively invest in yourself with learning, or just read a book. “Who moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson is one I’m going to try. It states it is “An amazing way to deal with change in your work and your life.”

These focus on customers.

1. Use a CRM, and make it work for you. With new customers, and current clients, find out important dates from them. Company formation date? Main decision maker birthday? Log that in your CRM. Send a card, or a personalised gift. It’s a simple touch, but goes a long way to build loyalty and goodwill.  If you haven’t got a CRM system, you can do this via an outlook reminder, linking to an excel sheet of your customers.  Remember this sensitive information, so be careful to follow good GDPR principles.

2. Create a customer survey. Ask what do we do well, what could we improve? Are you using our services 100%, if not, why not? Ask for their contact details in the survey so that you can follow up. Clients will appreciate your desire to improve and innovate and keep in touch.  Be ready to send it out in a few weeks?  It will remind people you are still present.

3. Ask for referrals? If you know you are giving great service, ask them questions such as “Who else do you know that might benefit from our service?” “Are there any other contacts in your business that you can help put us in touch with?  This should be something you implement into every review meeting you have.

4. Win back campaign. We so often go in pursuit of new clients. Previous clients will have changed, their new supplier might not be doing such a great job, contacts might have changed. If they would still be a good client, get back in touch.

These focus on customer segmentation or prioritisation.

  1. Grade your current clients

Whether they be current or postponing activity, you will have a view of which clients you like to work with, and those that take a lot of effort, for little return.  The Pareto principle states  you will get 80% of your revenue from 20% of your clients.   Take a minute to grade your clients, A – D.  The “A’s” need as much of your focus as possible.  And the D’s, well, perhaps it is time to take a hard look at those.

  1. Find more “A” clients

Having looked at your “A” clients, there’s a clue there about where to prospect in the future.  That’s where to go hunting.  Really try and define them in terms of

  • Market Sector
  • Size of business
  • Number of employees
  • Turnover
  1. How best to interact with your “A” clients?

Now consider

  • How to interact with my current A clients. What customer touch points can you put in place throughout the year to make sure they feel 100% valued, informed, and have every opportunity possible to use you as not just a supplier, but a partner.
  • How best to go and find “new” A clients. More of that in our final day of tips tomorrow.

Become a follower / hang out in the right places

  1. Google Alerts

You can become quite stealth like and find out lots, but get Google’s search bots to work for you.  For example, First Name, Surname, Company.  Assuming that person announces a change of position, Google Alerts will tell you when this happens.   You can be the first to congratulate them, work with them in their new business, and find out who is going to be the new contact.  See more here.

  1. Offer yourself out as a person to talk to.

The current change in business dynamics means we are all over digital platforms.  Podcasts are not only a good chance at the time to create an impressions, but also an everlasting reference point to go back to.  See one of mine here.

  1. Hang out where your Grade A clients hang out.

As stated above, you should grade your clients.  You should now find out where they look for content, exchange views, or network.  Be the expert in your field in those places, you will naturally attract curiosity or qdos.  Comment on posts, ask questions, add relevant content, help people, invite one to one meetings.

If you like any of the above, and think we can add value to your business, please do reach out and we can arrange a discovery call.  Chris@adamo.solutions is the best route.

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  1. Thanks so much Chris, for sharing great advice to focus my mind during these challenging times. Matt


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