This video is a simple visual way to make you think about prioritisation. We like to focus on the easy things to do, our brains find that comfortable. Based on the ‘Philosopher’s Jar’s’ fable, this short video demonstrates how by changing your priorities, you can avoid running out of space/time in your day. If we Continue reading »

What did you put off today? There’s always tomorrow… or make every day count? And yet, many business owners have this worry that they’re not living their life potential, not making the profits they think they can, or should. So let’s talk facts. The average age expectancy for the UK is 81.4 years. (If you Continue reading »

Have you got a personal brand? Are you proud of it? In 10 years’ time, imagine you’re going to a brilliant dinner party, you know nobody else there apart from the host. The host introduces you and says “this is so and so he’s really famous for” or “she’s really good at”. These words define Continue reading »

Imagine hearing these words… “I’ve got some bad news for you.” Those words just stick, but we’re all facing bad news every day. And it’s how we change that. The thing that I can never quite get over is how we get into this productive mindset when it comes to immovable dates in time like Continue reading »

Can you help influence a national campaign to help with mental resilience? It’s about the screen time that we’re having and it’s about the fact that early evenings are dark. Many of us are getting up, go on camera, and then finish the day. We don’t see any daylight. How about a campaign called “Log Continue reading »

What do you do when the unexpected happens? Panic, freeze, talk nonsense? It happens. You invest time in call after call, voicemails, out of office, and every time, you expect the same. Then suddenly, one call, the prospect says “Hi, this is (NAME)”. Oh my goodness, panic, flip, IT’S THE PROSPECT!!!!! You then spout a Continue reading »

How do you make sure you convert the “demo”? Somtimes the final step in the sales pipeline.. You work for such a long time to finally have an opportunity to demonstrate your product or service, this is your time to be personal and shine. Here are some top tips. DISCOVERY! 1. Book in a discovery Continue reading »

Some businesses have had to pause as a result of Covid-19.  As we begin to think more seriously about some kind of inertia returning, here are 12 ideas on sales that might help. 1. Everyone loves a surprise, and hates a disappointment If there’s a term or condition associated with your service, or a premium Continue reading »

The news has been full of people who make wild claims about solving the Coronavirus pandemic.  Disinfectant, ultraviolet light, malaria drug?  The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.  And therefore the wise ones keep quiet, or are suppressed by the Continue reading »