It’s a time for resilience in business again.  Just as we thought that perhaps the flood waters of change were abating. Here’s a great poem to turn to: “Don’t Quit”.  When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low but the debts are high, And you want to smile but you Continue reading »

How do you feel when you experience content that over-promises? Creating compelling content is part of the process of making your prospects aware of you.  Great content that makes them interested in you. But it’s important to make sure marketing, sales and operations are all in alignment with content.  Imagine over-promising and under-delivering.  It destroys Continue reading »

Have you been pressured in to buying a service, or enticed with an offer, only to find it was a smoke and mirrors? There’s another way, and in this interview I talk to Jobby Mathew 🚀, the “Heart Centered Sales Mentor”. This approach to Sales focuses on: ✅ A relationship built on genuine trust and respect Continue reading »

Selling services? Why is that you fail to convert a Sale? It might be due to your discovery call, or a lack of one? Want a 4 step method? You work hard to attract the prospect through lead generation. They make lots of positive noises. Then, they go cold on you, or bounce you around Continue reading »

It’s happening already. “Can we look at this after Christmas…?” It’s only the beginning of November, but for every person in Sales, the “can it wait until after Christmas?” issue is beginning to surface. What is it about this particular holiday that pours sticky treacle all over the sales process, and how do we overcome Continue reading » Get better ranked on Google, for Free. And be better with Know, Like and Trust. It’s the simple process of asking for reviews Registering for GoogleMyBusiness is such a simple thing to do and it connects the dots of SEO, allowing more people to find you. You also give social proof to the people Continue reading »

Your complacency thermostat is likely to be the reason why you peak and trough. We have a natural thermostat inside us that makes us want to work really hard or sometimes get complacent. When we need business and we put all the effort in and the thermostat kicks in. But then we hit a kind Continue reading »

What to do when you don’t know what to write about on LinkedIn. Is this a block that hits you, stresses you? Here’s a few thoughts: 📆 1. Diarise Make the content creation task a calendar appointment, so that you have time to tackle it in an intentional way. 📝 2. Prompt Notes Have a Continue reading »

How can you grow your business online without wasting money on another get-rich fast 10X model? I know you will have seen them, and perhaps even spent money on them. “10x your (insert sector) in 100 days” “100 days to £100k” But do they work? What about the foundations that need to be built? The Continue reading »