We book lots of appointments for our clients but when it comes to confirming the appointments, they all have different views on whether to pre-confirm their expected arrival.

Some clients don’t like to confirm the appointment fully in writing as it might have a chance of being cancelled.

So here’s our experience.

Last week I expected to see a new potential supplier for a 1030 appointment, he did not arrive as expected and as he did not confirm the meeting in writing I had no contact details, I did not chase it up.  Today, the office rang me to say Phil (not his real name) had turned up for his meeting, but knowing that I had expected him yesterday, they turned him away as I was out of the office all day in Cambridge. The end result, his wasted time, lots of carbon burnt up, and leaving me with a poor impression of the company as Phil said “something must have got confused via our Head Office”.

Personally, if I am going to see someone, I value my own time as well as theirs and therefore I will do all I can to ensure I am expected, and the person knows why I am coming, and if there’s something to prepare in advance, I know what is expected of me.

Here’s what we would suggest is best practice:

1.  As soon as the appointment is agreed whether it by email or verbally, reconfirm it in writing. Include:

  • Time
  • Day and Date
  • Venue
  • Reason for meeting
  • Mobile number in case you need to be contacted on the way, meetings can’t always stick and the sooner you find out it has to be cancelled on the way the better

2.  If you can, confirm it via a calendar invite in outlook / google

3.  If you are the one “visiting”, make sure you know about car parking and the location and arrive in good time

4.  If someone is visiting you, be professional and offer to send directions and explain parking / arrival instructions

5.  24 hours prior to the meeting, either email or call to reconfirm the meeting is still in the diary, and clarify the meeting objectives. You could also confirm that the person you are seeing has the authority to make a decision, or help influence a decision associated with the service, product or offer you are going to meet about

6.  After the meeting, be courteous and quickly confirm the next steps you have agreed to commit to

If you’d like to generate more appointments, we would be delighted to assist you.

What’s your view?

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