What did you put off today? There’s always tomorrow… or make every day count?

And yet, many business owners have this worry that they’re not living their life potential, not making the profits they think they can, or should.
So let’s talk facts.
The average age expectancy for the UK is 81.4 years. (If you want a little longer, go to Japan, it’s 85 years there!).
So, based on your age:
😀 Age 30: You still have 5/8th’s left
🙂 Age 40: Nearly 1/2 way
🤨 Age 50: 3/8th’s left
This might make you think differently about putting things off until tomorrow?
A great way to live your potential is to work with someone that makes you accountable for your actions. Challenges your procrastination. Not to be a nag, but because YOU asked them to hold you to account.
I went to a conference (virtually) last week. Karren Brady (Baroness. Brady) said this:
“The worst day of your life is the day that you nearly die and realize that you’re not the person you wanted to be….
And that’s the day that you realize you’ve lived a life of regret.”
Don’t let the drops that are left in your life be the ones that you regret. Wake up with intention. An intention to live a life full of Dreams, Hopes, and Happiness.

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