Can you help influence a national campaign to help with mental resilience?

It’s about the screen time that we’re having and it’s about the fact that early evenings are dark. Many of us are getting up, go on camera, and then finish the day.

We don’t see any daylight.

How about a campaign called “Log Off Lunch Day?”

We involve everyone from the CEO down and say “Can we have a coordinated approach to our lunches this week?”

One day at least, where everybody knows, we’ve all got lunchtime off. No invasion of diaries, No “this is really important”. “Log Off Lunch Day” is the MOST important.

If we can’t do that:

1. Build in break times to ensure meetings last no more than 45 minutes.
2. Shorter meetings.
3. A“walk and talk meeting?” It is a “voice meeting” on phones, be it rain, shine, snow or hail, we are outside getting some fresh air and daylight.

But come on…. what about a hashtag of #logofflunchday? One day when we log off, have a great lunch,, no interruptions or invasion of privacy. And we get out and enjoy what’s left of the light at this time of year.

So go ahead, if you like, it, suggest it. See if we can have 2 people, 8 eight people, 16 people, a 100 people having a joined-up lunch?

See our MD, Chris talking more about this below.

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