Lead GenerationLead Generation

No matter what business you run, you will need to generate new leads to continue to flourish, grow and become more successful. In today’s complex world, lead generation is an excellent way to build brand awareness of your product or service. It allows you to nurture prospects and customers, qualify leads, and ultimately generate revenue.

We will work with you on the best ways to generate the most appropriate and best value leads that are in the market for your services. Once identified, we will work on turning these leads into prospects.  This will mean they become part of your future sales pipeline.

Lead Management

Creating a lead is only part of the journey. Once a lead is generated we will focus on working out who is the decision maker.  From there, what the decision making process is and when it will be made, and how we can influence that process and timeline.

Using our skilled team and some clever technology, we will manage your leads in the most appropriate way possible. We will make timely and relevant calls, or send follow up personalised and unique emails, to ensure we keep the lead alive.

Making contact with your prospects can mean the difference between winning a new customer and not even knowing the opportunity existed.  Worse still, you finding out too late.

Response Service

Once we are acting for you, we can also respond to your incoming sales calls and emails.  Using our intelligent phones we will be able to answer the call as though we were in your office.  Our trusted and professional service will help you handle calls efficiently and grow your business by adding new enquiries into your existing database of prospects.

All calls made to and from your number associated with your account are recorded and stored securely.  Having the actual recording enables you to listen to the entire conversation so that you can help manage the sales enquiry from the point that it is received.