I recently read an article by James Morgan of Event Tech Lab in Meetings in Incentive Travel magazine in which he made me question the safe use of devices at events.

Our other division www.tailormadeconferences.co.uk are keen to adopt new technologies at events.  Unfortunately it looks like event organisers fail to warn the delegates to apply some basic security steps to their tech use.

Event organisers should take a minute to inform attendees about basic security steps such as how hard is your password to hack?  Why not try yours out via www.howsecureismypassword.net!

James Morgan at Event Tech makes some other important observations such as for cloud based systems, we organisers need to rely on the cloud’s security protocols and must be sure that cloud suppliers have robust security measures in place.

If you are attending an event, it would be easy to assume that the event planner has used good security systems.  Any payment systems should be accredited by payment security verification which means that as a minimum:

  • User data is protected via encryption
  • User information is not shared
  • Credit card information is encrypted and password protected
  • There is a data storage / deletion plan in places which means the data is protected and is stored, it is regularly monitored, checked and updated

So the next time you are asked to share your device, connect your device, or simply start using a public Wifi area, you might be wise to think carefully about what data you are allowing others to access.

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