Imagine hearing these words… “I’ve got some bad news for you.”
Those words just stick, but we’re all facing bad news every day. And it’s how we change that.
The thing that I can never quite get over is how we get into this productive mindset when it comes to immovable dates in time like Christmas or going on holiday.
You just manage to get all the things done. You get on the plane (when we can!) and everything’s ready. It’s Christmas Eve, the kids are waking up the next morning, and everything is set because we’re getting into this productive mindset where literally, NOTHING Stops us from achieving that goal.
But in business, we give ourselves permission to procrastinate or put it off because then the necessity quotient isn’t high enough.
So lockdown… 4 weeks we’ve got. Why don’t you set yourself an audacious lockdown goal in four weeks. “I am going to do the following no matter what!”
Framework to help:
1, Make it achievable but stretching
2. WRITE it down.
3. SHARE it with somebody else so that you’ve got an accountability partner.
4. REVIEW it as often as you possibly can.
5. Make yourself have a CELEBRATION at the end that you know you can achieve as a reward for making the effort.
6. Take the first step, just a small one.
Time waits for nobody.
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