Being on the phone quite a lot, or listening to my team engaging in conversations with potential prospects, it’s about time we noted the importance of the gatekeeper.

Depending on how you approach them with your Telemarketing, they hold the keys.  Here are some ideas:

  1. It’s not a battle.

They have the information you need, and a humble, polite approach will serve you well.  Statements such as these will help: “I’ m looking for some help”.  “I have a name here of XX, would that be the right person to talk to about XX?”.

  1. Be truthful.

If you are met with “Is this a Sales Call?” don’t lie.  There’s no point trying to dress your call as something different.  Answer “yes” with the appropriate features and benefits associated with your call.

  1. Do not use “Can I speak to the person who…?”

Not researching a name is lazy.  There are numerous ways to research who might be the right person.  If the name you have is wrong, apologise, and seek help from the receptionist or the person who answered the call.

  1. Avoid over enthusiasm or being over familiar

Being “too positive” can be a quick way for your call to be ended, as you just sound off-putting.  Equally, using the person’s first name too often, or too quickly, could also be a sure fast way to be stopped in your tracks.

  1. Use their knowledge

Our decision maker availability statistic runs at around 10%.  That means you will have to call on average, 9 times to find your prospect there to talk to.  Often the receptionist will know people, their movements, routines, and even have access to their calendar.  Explain your objective, and ask “when’s the best time to get to talk to XX?”

If this is useful, excellent.  If we can help with your next campaign, or even just be with you or your team to give you some tips, do let us know.

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