What do you do when the unexpected happens? Panic, freeze, talk nonsense?

It happens. You invest time in call after call, voicemails, out of office, and every time, you expect the same. Then suddenly, one call, the prospect says “Hi, this is (NAME)”.

Oh my goodness, panic, flip, IT’S THE PROSPECT!!!!!

You then spout a load of nonsense, words fall out of your mouth way too quickly, and then you realise, and you clam up.

So the advice here is to expect the unexpected.

Prior to each call, imagine the prospect will pick up, and they will be speaking to you.

When they confirm they are there, just take a second, take a deep breath, change your posture, and take your time. Stick to what you know works, and nail it.

And remember, they were not expecting you either, so you have a chance to shine, and be different, and be successful.

Quote today therefore is “Expect the Unexpected, but be prepared to be the Unexpected”.

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