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Isn’t it hard, working on your own?  No revenue, marketing or HR support, just you.

What about collaborating with a small group of trusted business owners?

The Directors Forum is a mastermind concept, a safe place to share challenges, be inspired, learn and be accountable to.  The objective is to make you a Future Proof Director.

At each monthly meeting you will enjoy:

a) Monthly content from one of the Director Forum partners
b) A chance to share your own monthly challenge, and receive advice about what to do next

In between each session you will also get:

1. Your personal report on you or your business from one of the Director Forum partners
2. Invitation to join the monthly group coaching hour
3. A one-to-one coaching session to discuss your actions that transpired from the main meeting

Email to reserve your place on the next Taster meeting to experience the concept.  See more at