Database CleansingDatabase Cleansing

Every day, your database will become more and more out of date as companies move locations, contacts move jobs, or people just change their role. Continuing to prospect using out of date data can be an inefficient use of precious resources and can also create a poor first impression of your business as well as fall foul of the GDPR.

Reasons to data cleanse

  • GDPR Compliance.  Particularly for email, you should only be contacting people that have given you their consent to do so.  Failing to comply could involve a fine from the ICO equivalent to 4% of global turnover.  An excellent guide to Consent and Legitimate Interest is available from the Direct Marketing Association via this link.
  • Increase response rates.  More messages get through to more prospects.
  • Cost and environmental impact. Sending information to contacts that are wrong or have moved is a waste of time and money and also uses paper and packaging that is not good for the environment.
  • Best possible 1st impressions. Duplicate records or incorrect details create a poor 1st impression. We will ensure anything incorrect is removed from the database.

Prior to embarking on any form of marketing that involves approaching a database of prospective clients we always recommend cleaning and checking the data to ensure you have established the correct name of the decision maker or influencer, and their contact details.  You must also establish a legitimate reason for making contact.  It is recommended that any database is refreshed bi-annually to ensure the correct details are still current.

Using our tried and tested ways of working, we will contact your potential client list and verify that the database of contacts is still up to date.