This week I had a call from a sales person asking whether I would be returning. Commendable. I replied politely that I had some personal reasons why I would not be returning, but why don’t you speak to XX who knows all about this. Rather than accept that, the sales person pushed me for a reason, which then became annoying, frustrating, and completely unnecessary.

So my tip for today is to ask anyone in sales to use some kind of Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool to keep all of your sales / feedback conversations in one place, AND keep it up to date.

There are many tools to use. This could be a basic excel list or Salesforce, HubSpot and KulaHub (based here in Yorkshire). Assuming you have one of these:

a) Make sure ALL interactions with customers and prospects are recorded and kept up to date.

b) BEFORE you contact anyone, always check the CRM

c) Use the information to your advantage. If it says XX has been on holiday, refer to it

d) Make your CRM really work for you by adding in notable dates that the client or prospect might want to celebrate. Their first order / their 100th order / their company formation anniversary?

e) Remember we are all human. The CRM will not always be 100%. Check every client or prospect has a forward task allocated.

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