Some thoughts today on two words… confidence and courage.

Confidence is something that can lower as you go through time.

Think about the first time that you were trying to learn to walk as a child.

You probably can’t remember it.

But you can picture the scene. Your parent or your guardian was in front of you and they’re encouraging you on, telling you can do it.

You fell over.
You learned from what happened
Then you got up and try it again.

It’s What’s called the confidence competency Loop

By trying to do something you fail, but then you learn from failure and the next time you try it, it gets easier to do.

But the brain gets distracted.

It starts giving you negative thoughts. “Now you shouldn’t do that. You might look a failure”.
“You’ll be ridiculed, your reputation might be damaged” and the stagnation starts.

So with confidence comes also courage.

Taking the decision to act. 👈💥

Because in recession many many companies are thriving because they decided to act with courage. Try, and fail, and learn, and try again.

A quote from Viktor Frankl: “Between stimulus and response there is a space and in that space lies our power to choose our response and in our response lies our growth and freedom,

So the next time you’re waiting to act just go! Don’t wait, just act!

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