26Feb 2019

The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours in a day.  The difference is down to how they use their time. Last week there were two meetings I had and in both it struck me that the old adage “Fail to Plan, plan to fail” was very true. In one, it transpired that following Continue reading »

03Dec 2018

Today we gave ourselves a bit of a make-over.  Welcome to Adamo Business Consultants! As we get ready for a New Year, it felt like a good time to change, and, we got a little tired of spelling our old name with an “i” not a “y”! So why Adamo, and why “Business Consultants”? Adamo Continue reading »

26Sep 2018

So a trip to the local cinema to see a film with my children.  All served well by the reception team, and the obligatory snacks.  The reception team did well, they offered to up-sell and leverage out some extra income.  We declined the “VIP” seat offer. When we got in to the screening room, I Continue reading »

29May 2018

You know the feeling, you get a new prospect, you have a meeting, and everything seems to be looking positive.  But then after a few weeks of getting back to them and the occasional email, you get the impression that things are no longer very positive at all!  Oh sorry, they have just popped out, Continue reading »

17Oct 2017

Adamo Business Consultants Ltd Privacy Statement Adamo Business Consultants are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy sets out how Adamo Business Consultants Ltd handles data which identifies you. About Us Adamo Business Consultants Ltd are an outbound telemarketing agency.  We are registered with the ICO as a Data Controller Registration Number: ZA110821. We are committed to protecting your Continue reading »

04Aug 2015

From this point forward, whenever we call for our clients, we can change the outbound number so that your geographical area will be shown.  This is a unique number.  We feel this may help us as the outbound call will no longer be shown as a “withheld number”. At our end, we have also invested in some Continue reading »