22Oct 2021 Get better ranked on Google, for Free. And be better with Know, Like and Trust. It’s the simple process of asking for reviews Registering for GoogleMyBusiness is such a simple thing to do and it connects the dots of SEO, allowing more people to find you. You also give social proof to the people Continue reading »

15Oct 2021

Your complacency thermostat is likely to be the reason why you peak and trough. We have a natural thermostat inside us that makes us want to work really hard or sometimes get complacent. When we need business and we put all the effort in and the thermostat kicks in. But then we hit a kind Continue reading »

27Sep 2021

What to do when you don’t know what to write about on LinkedIn. Is this a block that hits you, stresses you? Here’s a few thoughts: 📆 1. Diarise Make the content creation task a calendar appointment, so that you have time to tackle it in an intentional way. 📝 2. Prompt Notes Have a Continue reading »

10Jun 2021

How can you grow your business online without wasting money on another get-rich fast 10X model? I know you will have seen them, and perhaps even spent money on them. “10x your (insert sector) in 100 days” “100 days to £100k” But do they work? What about the foundations that need to be built? The Continue reading »

30Mar 2021

Why join a peer-to-peer or mastermind group? “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill That is an interesting quote by Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich”.  A book written almost 100 years ago, but still referenced by many today.  Bring Continue reading »

26Feb 2021

Some thoughts today on two words… confidence and courage. Confidence is something that can lower as you go through time. Think about the first time that you were trying to learn to walk as a child. You probably can’t remember it. But you can picture the scene. Your parent or your guardian was in front Continue reading »

11Feb 2021

What is stopping you from achieving a breakthrough in life or business? Are those New Year’s resolutions forgotten? Or have you not even set the scene for 2021? I’ve watched two speakers this week. Tony Robbins and Richmond Dinh, in Australia. They both said the same thing about breakthrough and how you stick to it. Continue reading »

28Dec 2020

What words sum up 2020 and will you take into 2021? Here’s my 7 list: Authentic Leadership Keep Perspective Health Matters Be less Judgemental Live less in Fear, and more in Freedom  Build, Just go for it Be Kind and Ask for Help Some thoughts and reflections on each of those: Authentic Leadership This year leadership Continue reading »

23Dec 2020

Who Moved My Cheese? It’s the book that sums up 2020! SPOILER ALERT FOR POST AND VIDEO… Here’s a quick summary (Slightly adapted)… 4 characters called Arcadia, Haw, Sniffy and Gymshark. They are all looking for cheese, in a maze. They searched around, finally, Arcadia and Haw find the cheese! Very happy and they get Continue reading »

14Dec 2020

This video is a simple visual way to make you think about prioritisation. We like to focus on the easy things to do, our brains find that comfortable. Based on the ‘Philosopher’s Jar’s’ fable, this short video demonstrates how by changing your priorities, you can avoid running out of space/time in your day. If we Continue reading »