What is stopping you from achieving a breakthrough in life or business?

Are those New Year’s resolutions forgotten? Or have you not even set the scene for 2021?

I’ve watched two speakers this week. Tony Robbins and Richmond Dinh, in Australia.

They both said the same thing about breakthrough and how you stick to it. And it’s 3 S’s.

STRATEGY. What is your strategy for actually dealing with the thing you really want to contend with?

STORY. What story do you tell yourself about that really big idea or big objective or big resolution or Game Changer you’re trying to deal with? Do you say “I’m big-boned”? Is this an excuse story for the fact that you’re not going to lose weight.

STATE. What state do you have to change? What pattern interrupt? What movement? What music? What environment?

The 3 S’s come together in alignment to create a breakthrough.

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