Some businesses have had to pause as a result of Covid-19.  As we begin to think more seriously about some kind of inertia returning, here are 12 ideas on sales that might help.

1. Everyone loves a surprise, and hates a disappointment

If there’s a term or condition associated with your service, or a premium to pay, be upfront about it. Stating at the last minute with a “oh, just one more thing…” can derail a sale, just when you think it’s in the bag. As an example, at the moment, the “Free Webinar” that only then provides a tiny part of all the parts that were promised in the original promotional content frustrates the prospect.

2. Divide and Concur

When people are together, they combine with unified objections. Or, they will follow the lead from the strongest / most influential person in the room / meeting. One on one, people are more open and will reveal more about their buying psychology and what’s important. Try and avoid a combined pitch, and rely on your influencer to do the work for you.

3. Begin with the end in mind

Prior to every sales interaction, take a minute or two to set yourself an objective. What will this call look like if successful? What would I like to achieve at this meeting? Have I got everything to hand to help me achieve success? Just bumbling into each call or meeting without priming it for success is a sure recipe for failure.

4. Go for the “feeling reaction”

Think about how you ask for the next step.  The question “What do you think” is so much more penetrative as “How do you feel about proceeding?”

5. Map out the Sales journey

If you know what’s going to happen, you can be prepared for what to do.  Think about each stage of the sales journey.  Plan for when their pain points, their final objections, and who they might need to get involved for final permissions.  Tackle it head on with statements such as “It’s usual that at this stage we find our clients need to (insert potential objection or barrier)… is there anything I can do to help you overcome this?”

6. Its’ a performance

Actually, it’s like a West End show, put on by a psychiatrist.  Every sales prospect deserves the very best of your true authentic self.  But at the same time, you might need to be a psychiatrist to understand what the audience wants, and then there might be someone in a private box that you forget to involve.

7.  If your competition is doing it.. STOP, or do more

We need to stand out, and that means constantly evolving what we do. So let’s say you sell cars and you put a teddy on the back seat for the children when the new boys car is delivered, and then you find out your competitors do the same. The time now is to evolve and improve the offer. Personalised jumpers?

8. How you feel influences how you act.

Sometimes you do not want to do what you know you have to act on, so you just have to get through this brain resistance. It’s like going to the gym… you now it will do you good, but the physical act of going is harder to overcome than the actual gym workout itself. It’s the same with making those first few calls, making that first handshake at the networking meeting. Our brains love to live in the comfort zone.

9. Find out why you lost the deal

You can often learn more from failure, than success itself. If you lost the pitch, or, didn’t get the final sign off, seek feedback, and learn from it. You might find out you were too cheap, that you are missing something basic that is easy to put right. Thinking the prospect made a mistake is dangerous, park the ego, and seek to understand.

10. If it’s not remotely positive, it’s negative

Objections from prospects suggest interest. If there are few questions, or little attempt to challenge, could it be your prospect is already not interested? Equally, if they fail to turn up for an agreed appointment, or they don’t get back to you, chances are the lead has gone cold. Remember, people don’t like to give bad news, so avoidance from them might be an easier tactic.

11. Sales is not about getting your own way To win a sale, you don’t have to be right to achieve success. Put the emotions to one side, and be prepared to accept that your own opinion might not need to be the right one. You don’t have to be disingenuous, just middle ground. “That’s a really interesting point of view”.

And above all else…!


12. Revenue solves all problems

Once the targets are missed, the friction starts. Sales blame marketing, marketing blame the sales teams, or everyone blames the product or service. When revenue rolls in, everyone thinks they are all contributing, and success carries on rolling forward. As a sales team, focus on revenue in, THEN give feedback about how things can improve.

Some of the above came with a little bit of help from a great podcast “The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling”.

If this makes you think we could be benefit from a discovery call about where your organisation is with sales, please let me know.

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